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Here are just a few of the different types of leads that can be bought and sold on the Lead Bid platform.  For more information on a specific lead type, just click the corresponding link.

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how it works

We are pleased to offer the first comprehensive network designed to assist buyers and sellers of online information in ways they never thought possible.  As a Lead Bid user, you will be instantaneously connected to a multitude of lead purchase and sale possibilities such as Auto loan credit applications, Insurance leads and Mortgage lending applications.  Our collective experience in various aspects of lead generation and online marketing gives us the power and knowledge to understand the difficulties and quality issues all lead buyers and sellers face.  We designed this network to answer those issues and to make your information transaction as simple and easy as possible.

We provide an effective medium by which Lead Bid users can make informed and accurate decisions about how, where, and when to purchase or sell a lead through our network.  Each user is able to view how the market performs in any given area and can make buying and selling judgments based on current market data.

For Buyers By becoming part of our network, you will be automatically linked to potentially hundreds of lead generators, all of whom have been prescreened by Lead Bid and have provided us with a profile on who they are and what methods they use to generate leads.  You connect only to the sellers you wish to receive leads from.  You will be provided with market data with regard to price and volume enabling you to purchase leads without paying too much.  You set your own buy price based on the market place.  Streamline your lead purchasing effort and end the frustration caused by poor quality, lack of control and lack of volume.

For Sellers Become connected to potentially hundreds of lead buyers all at once.  End the laborious effort of having to find qualified buyers and then haggle on price for your service.  End the possibility of making uninformed or poor pricing decisions; let the market place drive the price and maximize your profit.  Lead Bid will provide technology free of charge for any seller who needs assistance delivering leads in real time through the Lead Bid network.

For All Users We have simplified the process of buying and selling for our users tremendously by taking the think work out of price setting and who to buy and sell leads from.  Each user is able to provide feedback on their experience with every other user thereby enabling Lead Bid to provide a rating system which will keep each participant operating to the best of their ability.  We compile all billing data and distribute invoices to all users monthly.  Complete and comprehensive reporting allows every user to view a snapshot of volumes, pricing, and lead delivery twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  Our lead dispute platform enables buyers to return leads to sellers that are deemed to be unusable.

The free market concept applied to the exchange of online information has revolutionized the lead industry and has provided our users with unsurpassed opportunity and profitability.